Mid-Weight Copywriter with a Flair for AI

The Role

Who We Are

In the tradition of crafting unforgettable narratives and pioneering advertising that stands the test of time, we position ourselves as the confluence of tradition and innovation. As a leading integrated marketing agency in the UK, we’ve built our reputation on turning the mundane into the memorable, the average into the astonishing. Our portfolio spans riveting TV commercials, magnetic social media content, elegant websites, and persuasive brochures. Today, we’re on the lookout for a Mid-Weight Copywriter—a rare breed of wordsmith who commands AI as deftly as the pen, turning insights into impact.

This isn’t merely a vacancy; it’s a clarion call to those who believe words can move mountains and sell refrigerators to Eskimos. David Ogilvy once remarked, “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” We seek a copywriter who embodies this principle, someone who understands the power of a well-crafted message and can wield the latest AI tools to sharpen their edge further.

Your Charter

  • Versatility in Voice: Your writing adapts with chameleon-like agility, capturing the essence of diverse brands, from the austerity of luxury to the zest of start-ups. Your prose doesn’t just speak to the audience; it sings.

  • AI as Your Ally: With AI by your side, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re setting it. You use AI to refine your craft, enhance creativity, and optimise efficiency, all while maintaining the human touch that resonates with audiences.

  • Cultural Navigator: Like Ogilvy, you understand that the consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You grasp the nuances of culture, market trends, and human behavior, crafting copy that speaks directly to the heart with respect and intelligence.

  • Master Storyteller: You believe in the power of a good story, well told. Your narratives don’t just convey information; they captivate, persuade, and endure in the memory long after the page is turned or the screen is switched off.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and refine copy across a multitude of platforms, ensuring a harmonious blend of message and brand voice.

  • Shape the voice of brands defining the tone of voice that sets them apart.

  • Engage in spirited collaborations with creative teams to brainstorm ideas that break moulds and set benchmarks.

  • Leverage AI to not only predict trends but to create them, ensuring our content remains as relevant as it is revolutionary.

  • Apply insights with a surgeon’s precision, crafting copy that doesn’t just meet the brief but elevates it.

The Type of Person for the Role

  • A proven track record as a copywriter who not only respects words but revels in their power.

  • An enthusiast for AI, not as a crutch but as a catalyst for creativity and efficiency.

  • A keen understanding of the marketplace, with an innate ability to tap into the zeitgeist.

  • A portfolio that demonstrates versatility, innovation, and the ability to tell stories that sell. 

Why Join Us

Here, your words will do more than fill space; they’ll create space—for brands to grow, for messages to resonate, for ideas to flourish. We’re not just making ads; we’re scripting legacies. If you’re ready to write the next chapter of your career at the intersection of classic copywriting wisdom and cutting-edge technology, we await your application.


  • Salary band: £37,000 – £45,000 dependent on experience

  • High performing pension from Penfold

  • Life Cover

  • Flexible working patterns

  • 3 days in office or full time in office

  • Flexible hours between 08:00-18:00

  • Option of a 9-day working fortnight – compressed hours over 9 days. and every other Friday off

  • 25 days leave (plus bank holidays) increasing with service

  • Profit Share (based on company performance)

  • Employee of the Month and Quarter (win extra half day holiday)

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