Facebook Ads Management

Give your brand the power to target and influence your ideal customers

Results from Facebook ads

Facebook is a powerful social network. Millions of people across the globe in every demographic use Facebook to connect with friends and family, get the latest news, and explore new products and brands.

You want to secure great results and we’ll do that for you.

What to expect from Facebook Ads Management

Specialist Facebook Expertise
Our account managers have extensive Facebook ads training and experience with a range of clients.

User Journey Assessment
We’ll maximise conversions by ensuring your Facebook page and website do their job effectively.

Reponsive Approach
We'll combine best practice with a data-led approach and respond to the campaign data we analyse.

Results Analysis
The bottom line counts. We'll regularly assess the ROI, ensuring we're delivering great value results.

If your audience uses Facebook, your business can get in front of them now.

Whether you’re new to Facebook ads or need a more expert approach, we’ll help achieve your goals. You’ll appear prominently in your audience’s Facebook feeds. We work from the ground up to create compelling ads and campaigns, perfectly targeted to reach new customers.

We will work closely with you to determine your needs and deliver exactly the service and support required. Let’s start making Facebook ads work for you.

Facebook ads can be successful for a wide range of businesses and it’s not all about brand awareness. For consumer goods and e-commerce, Facebook and Instagram can drive high-quality traffic to your site and generate sales. For service businesses, Facebook represents a potentially powerful lead funnel.

The value of Facebook ads for business

Facebook and Instagram ads can be leveraged for a range of purposes and there are many direct and indirect benefits for your organisation. Here are just some to consider:

Huge brand reach potential

Facebook has infamously choked the organic reach of business pages, forcing them into paid advertising. However, well-targeted brand awareness campaigns can secure excellent value reach and impression metrics for your content on Facebook and Instagram. With Facebook, it’s possible to get your brand in front of virtually every member of your target audience given sufficient time.

Build an authoritative page

Facebook like campaigns can be utilised to significantly grow the number of fans your Facebook page has. This has a meaningful impact on your online presence because your content is likely to be seen and interacted with by more people. The algorithmic impact of better engagement will have many benefits.

Increased activity elsewhere online

Our clients experience many indirect benefits of paid Facebook activity. In fact, some clients report a noticeable increase in Google searches for their brand, specifically, when Facebook ads are running. Combining paid social media marketing with other PR or lead-generation efforts has a compounding effect.

Trackable ROI on sales and leads

Website tracking enables us to keep track of where your customers have come from and how much your ad campaigns are contributing. Facebook and Google ads are some of the most accurately attributable endeavours your business can undertake.

Inform all of your marketing efforts

The vast data we collect on various audiences and advert images, copy and calls to action provide your business with valuable insight. The learnings from your Facebook and Instagram campaigns can help inform other marketing approaches and can influence your brand’s messaging and even your product or service offering.