Influencer Marketing

Reach more people on social media through engaging influencer content

Connect with key influencers within your industry

Influencers are often trusted by their followers and can help brands reach a wider audience than their owned channels. By working with influencers, our team can help your brand target specific audiences and promote your products.

The benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • Reach: Influencers can reach large and diverse audiences, which can enable a brand to reach a wider audience than their owned channels.

  • Trust: Most Influencers have built a reputation for providing authentic recommendations, which helps to establish credibility and trust for the brand.

  • Engagement: Influencers can have high engagement rates with their followers, which means that their content is more likely to be engaged with, increasing brand recall for a brand, product or service.

  • Targeting: Influencers can have followers who are typically interested in a specific niche, which allows brands to target their message to their exact audience. Some can have a more diverse audience that can attract different segments at the same time to a brand.

  • New Content: Influencer content can be shared via other advertising channels, including on the website. Giving unique, personal content for the brand.

Create engagement and trust for your brand by utilising authentic advocacy

We at Logic+Magic believe in a data-first approach, where we match your brand goals with influencers who are most suited to deliver this in a cost-effective manner. Working with influencers strategically, we will manage the campaign end-to-end from discovery to content creation, all the way through to reporting.

Who are the influencers?

Influencers utilised by brands in their online campaigns tend to have large and loyal social media followings. Combined with a brand’s own social media influence, leveraging third-party influencers helps them reach new audiences and achieve a new level of brand trust and endorsement.

Some influencers have a significant number of followers on one or several social networks, or they may have a widely-read blog. Blogger outreach is perfect for less visually-engaging products or those that require more technical explanation.

So how does influencer marketing work?

Essentially, brands pay for an endorsement from these influential accounts. The rate per post depends on how many followers the influencer has, how much engagement their posts receive and which sector they operate within. Exactly when and how an influencer will post depends on the brand and the aim of the campaign. This is where an influencer agency helps you generate maximum return.

What makes influencer marketing so effective?

For established brands looking to reach new audiences or (re)build trust; third-party endorsement is a crucial element of social advertising. For new brands, influencers help them reach tens of thousands of accounts they might take years to reach through their own endeavours.

The success of influencer marketing is generally measured through reach and engagement over the chosen network, say, Instagram. By keeping other marketing activity controlled, it is relatively straightforward to measure the sales impact.

Does influencer following size matter?

Your influencers don’t need to have millions of followers to be effective. In fact, the most important metric is engagement. Some influencers have only several thousand followers but enjoy super-high engagement rates and their audience may be incredibly niche and valuable.

Effective influencer campaigns tend to utilise a range of influencers with a complementary audience size and demographics.