By Mat Choat

Don't bore your staff to death: the power of engaging training videos

February 6th, 2024
3 min read

Keep your team members engaged with captivating training videos.

Workplace training programmes bring with them many advantages, including an improved work culture, increased productivity and employee retention. Video can be an effective Learning and Development tool - a staff training video is often perceived as more engaging than a simple PDF or PowerPoint presentation and enhances the learning experience.

The benefits of training videos

Firstly, the visual and audio elements of video provide a multi-sensory experience that works for many learning styles and ensures better retention of information. Complex concepts can be simplified through infographic animations or real-life demos, making it easier for employees to retain and apply new knowledge. How many of us have suffered ‘death by PowerPoint?’ Video is dynamic and mistake-free, which ensures that everyone leaves with the right information.

Video also provides consistency in delivery. Every employee receives the same content in a standardised format, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or information gaps. This consistency is especially crucial for organisations with employees in different geographical locations.

The flexibility of video training is another key advantage. Employees can access training materials at their own pace and convenience. This flexibility accommodates different schedules and learning speeds, creating a more inclusive and accessible training method. Employees can revisit specific sections or modules as needed, reinforcing key concepts. This accessibility enhances long-term retention and application of the new skills.

However, even when using video, many companies fall into the trap of creating content that’s unimaginative or low in production values. A solid brief with pre-agreed outcomes for the video, coupled with well-designed, clear and simple content will hold viewers’ attention. It can really motivate and empower staff, and can also be used as a tool to attract new talent to the company. 94% of employees claim they would remain with a company longer if it simply invested in their learning, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report.

Historically the choice has been to either pay a lot and get well-designed, creative training content, or pay less for content that’s functional but not particularly engaging.

Logic+Magic are able to offer a solution to clients which provides the best of both worlds: a first class creative approach coupled with high level production values, whilst flexing to suit your budget.

Our team provides strategy, account and project management, writers, producers, filming and animation. We understand that budgets for L&D can be limited, so we use smart strategic and production thinking that will make your budget stretch further than you imagined. This is because we have all these skills in-house, removing the need to outsource services, saving you time and money.

We’ve produced L&D videos of all types, both filmed and animated, to help staff (amongst other things): use till points correctly, learn how to sell products effectively, serve customers in restaurants, understand compliance and security procedures, avoid health and safety risks, navigate internal systems, and to even learn about the ingredients of fragrances!

video camera operators.

If you’d like to find out how to dramatically improve your staff training, please get in touch.

Mat Choat

Producer and Head of Broadcast

Mat is an award-winning Producer with 2-decades of experience working in production for advertising and creative agencies. He has produced TV commercials and online video content for hundred of clients.