By Leanne Dempsey

Euro 2024 campaigns that have caught our eye

June 26th, 2024
4 min read

Football fever is here again and with it comes the opportunity for creative marketing and awareness campaigns that put products and services front of mind for spectators. We asked a few members of our team which campaign has caught their eye and the reasons why, and we’re sharing those with you below:

Katie Beltrami, Head of Creative

England ‘til I died, Saatchi & Saatchi for the British Heart Foundation.

“I like this awareness campaign because of how powerful it is.

It shows the impact that great copy can have (much like Wilkinson Sword’s new campaign) and really stops you in your tracks. By adding one letter, the famous football chant becomes a truly powerful message.

I’m sure ‘He’s coming home’ for Women’s Aid was in their minds when they made it - it used a similar technique by changing one word, totally transforming the meaning of the chant and demonstrating the impact that just three words can have.” 

Conor McCann, Senior UX Designer

Football Fever Starts Here – Sports Direct

“The more light-hearted things I was drawn to for this Sports Direct video:

  • The energy and fever theme are clearly linked

  • The Arsenal players and other legends included

  • The oversized classic sports direct mug that features (I thought they were extinct)

  • General creativity of the different scenes

  • The detail hidden and included in it is impressive

On a more serious note, looking at the video closely, for me, I see a conscious effort has been made by Sports Direct to make this an inclusive and diverse marketing video.

They have used this as an opportunity to broaden the Sports Direct audience reach, enhance brand reputation, increase engagement, foster customer loyalty, and positively impact society by promoting representation and social responsibility.

From an outsiders perspective from Northern Ireland, English football has been struggling with racism and inclusivity for some time (look back to the hateful racism shown after the penalty misses at the last Euros). The more that content like this is created, the more likely it is that things like racism can be battled and stamped out from football, sport and generally across all aspects of life.”

Emma Hodgkinson, Strategy & Channel Director

Heineken London Underground takeover

"I saw this London Underground takeover from Heineken - talking about all the elements that make 'real fans' and celebrating them.

I love that Heineken have taken time to research and understand the customer behaviours/ mannerisms associated with viewing something to love. Bringing these to life in a way that's super authentic and relatable to evoke an emotional response - imagine the little smile that happens when someone walks past and thinks "I do that".

Brands too often focus on their product/service and proof points, when unlocking customer insights and putting people at the heart of campaigns can be even more powerful - Bravo Heineken!"

Leanne Dempsey, Head of SEO

Should’ve gone to Specsavers

"Since it first appeared in a campaign over 20 years ago, the slogan ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ has transcended marketing channels and has become a part of day-to-day vocabulary for many of us. For their Euro 2024 campaign, Specsavers want spectators across Europe to be able to shout the iconic line at any interesting refereeing decisions that are made across the tournament.

To activate this, the Specsavers team have translated the slogan into the language of each of the countries taking part in the tournament and creating an OOH campaign showing the flags of each of the teams playing including the translations."

Those are the Euro 2024 campaigns that have caught our eye, which is your favourite? Head over to our LinkedIn page and send us a message to let us know.

Leanne Dempsey

Head of SEO

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