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Social and creative collaborations

May 8th, 2024
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A collaboration between social and creative can unlock new opportunities within your target community.  

Below, we're taking a look at some of the latest social content that has caught the attention of our Creative + Social teams. These campaigns highlight how being creative on social media can help increase your brand reach.

Hellmann’s announces it’s the Official BBQ Partner of UEFA EURO 2024TM

AI has become a great tool that provides a visual and scroll stopping alternative to other media types, and Hellmann's announced their news with an AI generated foosball table featuring giant Mayonnaise bottles. 

Helmann’s will be launching limited edition bottles to drive sales throughout this year’s BBQ season, and is also partnering with football icons such as Jack Grealish for the campaign. The limited-edition packs and footballer partnerships will form part of the brand’s £8 million ‘Up Your BBQ Game’ campaign, which will run during UEFA EURO 2024TM across TV, out-of-home billboards, in-store displays, and social channels.

Kantar data states that 74% of consumers feel more loyalty to a brand that’s involved with sport and, similarly, The Playbook suggests that 63% are more likely to buy from a brand that aligns itself to something they’re passionate about. Hellmann’s look set to capitalise on the ‘spirit of togetherness’ which is celebrated during the EUROS - and at BBQs – through their sponsorship, giving consumers even more reason to pick up a bottle of Hellmann's.

The initial launch using AI provides a refreshing take on a busy feed, ensuring stand-out and kicking the campaign off successfully. It’s a perfect example of how creative and social can complement each other to create engagement and start conversations. 

‘Check in on those around you’ – a powerful ad with incredible impact 

As we shared previously, social media is a tool to connect with your audience and provide a level of entertainment, but it also is a great way to share important messages that your users will relate to.   

In 2023, we saw Norwich Football Club and the Samaritans mark Mental Health Day by releasing a suicide awareness video. The impact of the video was felt across all social media and left users in a raw state of emotion.  

The power of social lies in its users wanting genuine and authentic content: campaigns that share experiences that users can relate to. The ‘Check in on those around you’ campaign is an excellent example of how to use social to have a positive impact, show key values, whilst bringing new exposure to your channels.  

 The ad amassed 53.3 million views in a single week, gaining new respect for the club whilst advocating for an important topic. It’s a great example of how to cover important milestones whilst staying authentic to your brand’s values, and demonstrates how authentic story-telling can resonate and start conversations with your audience. 

Did Somebody Say Just Eat?

When we think of Just Eat, we picture either Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera or Snoop Dogg vibing to a catchy jingle, as this can be screen across TV, Social and OOH experiences.     

Through a social lens, it’s an extreme version of how an advocate/influencer can impact your brand. Using renowned names, Just Eat has created an impact that goes beyond social campaigns, but nicely compliments them. Creatively, the ‘Did Somebody Say’ campaign has been incredibly successful in connecting with audiences and ensuring Just Eat is front of mind when the food cravings call. Snoop Dogg increased Just Eat’s cultural relevancy, and as each new ad is released we see another incredibly catchy song added to the delivery platform’s repertoire, as their creative formula evolves. 

Using social teases and what can only be described as music videos via YouTube and Instagram, we see social driving the campaign and increasing brand awareness, whilst using celebrities to further endorse their message. Part of the success of these collaborations is down to the authenticity that the talent maintains – they are a brand in their own right, and the ads celebrate this by allowing the singers to bring their individuality whilst aligning with Just Eat’s brand story. 

But it also shows that Just Eat understands their demographic, using key role models within Millennial and Gen Z culture as a community-building strategy that creates real brand advocacy.  

It builds a solid case for influencers and celebrities being a part of your social campaigns, as through their platforms you can reach target demographics whilst gaining further exposure as a brand.  

Get creative with your social campaigns. Or get social with your creative campaigns. 

It’s not just the big brands who can benefit from being creative on social, or vice versa. Our Social Media + Creative teams work closely to create campaigns that expand your reach on social media whilst capturing the attention of your target audience. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

Katie Beltrami

Head of Creative

An easy going and passionate creative and designer, with extensive experience in multi-channel creative campaigns, branding and design. She loves getting stuck into new projects, building relationships and strives to create engaging and memorable work.
Charlotte Summers

Social Media Manager

With a passion for organic social and building engaged online communities, Charlotte's 6-years experience in social media marketing spans across e-commerce, tech, journalism and non-profit. Her user-centric approach puts the user are the forefront of organic and paid campaigns, creating authentic and engaging social campaigns.