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By Emma Hodgkinson

How to succeed on LinkedIn in 2023

April 12th, 2023
4 min read

Like many other platforms, LinkedIn has continued to evolve over the past few years. By developing its tools for creators, expanding opportunities for users to amplify their content and facilitating better business collaboration, its networking opportunities have become increasingly popular with brands and professionals.

As the leading B2B marketing platform with 4 out of 5 of its 900 million members driving business decisions, it’s highly effective for securing quality leads. With that, it’s more crucial than ever that as a business, you factor this tool into your organic marketing strategy.

With LinkedIn recently announcing the addition of algorithmically suggested posts to our feeds based on interests, there are more opportunities to be discovered, and by the right people too. So how as a business can you leverage its expansive features to showcase your company, build your network and reach more of your customers? Here are our handy tips.

Prioritise reposts

LinkedIn has shifted focus to the repost option which has now become the default sharing method. The function helps the platform identify what content users find valuable. Think of reposts as a way to amplify your content, so you should post about topics that your target audience will see as valuable and want to share with others. This is a great way to alert people to job opportunities, industry news, or showcase the experts in your business. If you repost content, it may lead to a decrease in your engagements so be mindful of striking a balance with reposts and content creation.

Drive conversations with comments

Comments are the golden egg of LinkedIn and a key driver of profile and page growth. So, whether you are providing them on other people’s content to increase your networking potential or creating good quality posts to receive them, the first hour of publication is the most important. The quality of the comment will also determine how the algorithm rates your/the authors post so share plenty of thought leadership if you are commenting or ask lots of questions in your post to get others to do so on yours.

Leverage relevant hashtags

Just like on other social media platforms, hashtags are like labels that help LinkedIn to categorise your content and show it to the right people. You should always add 3-6 relevant hashtags, ranging from broad terms to more niche ones. This will increase the reach but ensure the post is seen by people that are likely to follow, engage with or purchase from you. If you use the same hashtag regularly, you can also group similar content together so that it’s easily found if someone searches for it. Be sure to add hashtags you frequently talk about to your profile too, so people have a clear understanding of your areas of interest and what to expect from your content.

Engage, engage, engage!

Most importantly, consider your outbound activity. When you simply focus on creating content for others to consume, you miss out on those important conversations with others. After publishing your posts, continue to engage on the platform by commenting on multiple posts within your network. Then expand this outside of your connections by finding new people to engage with that you feel your content would be informative or inspiring for. By continuing to react, comment and share other people’s posts you demonstrate that you are a worthwhile connection and increase the likelihood of them returning the favour.

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Emma Hodgkinson

Strategy & Channel Director

A customer centric strategist, Emma weaves brand, customer and commercial strands together to form growth driving strategies. Strong client side and agency side experience.