An accomplished speaker addressing participants at Generation Innovation.
By Melissa Boyle

UX team partners with Catalyst for Generation Innovation 2023

March 22nd, 2023
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Logic+Magic is proud to support its UX team, who are partnering with Catalyst to offer their skills and expertise for Generation Innovation.

Generation Innovation is a work experience programme, run by innovation centre Catalyst, with the ambitious goal of upskilling and empowering 600 young people from across Northern Ireland. It’s a beacon of hope for the next generation and aims to empower them whilst nurturing their entrepreneurial skills.

As well as providing access to training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources, the programme encourages businesses and young entrepreneurs to foster innovation through collaboration.

As the team representatives on the programme, Conor and I attended the first training session to get to grips with the project and fine-tune the delivery in preparation for the programme’s launch. The day included ice breakers, design sprints, and good old-fashioned Northern Irish ‘craic’.

Day 2 of training will take place in April, followed by a Design-thinking Innovation week in June alongside the chosen student group we’re partnered with.

We’re excited about this fantastic opportunity to drive positive change and deliver our first-class training, inspiration, and mentorship to the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs.

Melissa Boyle.
Melissa Boyle

UX Director

With over a decade in digital agency work, I've served multinational brands, government entities, SMEs, and charities, enhancing their digital presence to boost business growth and enhance user experiences.