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Empowering user-centricity: Belfast city council's customer engagement journey through UX research

The Belfast City Council website hosts information for residents about council services, so inclusivity and accessibility of content is key. They sought expertise in how to confidently conduct research with their website users.


The strategy

With a diverse range of citizens who use their online services, we supported them with user testing on their website and webforms. This helped us to find pain-points and opportunities for redesign to enhance the overall user experience.


The solution

Our analysis unearthed key findings and recommendations to enhance user experiences. For online forms, we recommended streamlining questioning and ensuring consistency of information presentation. To improve information findability, we proposed re-evaluating headings and grouping content logically. Additionally, we advised on introducing new informative content to meet user expectations. 

The impact

Our work with Belfast City Council significantly enhanced their digital initiatives. By equipping them with a comprehensive playbook for best practice UX research, we instilled a user-centric approach to service delivery. Through user testing, we provided actionable insights that improved website content and online forms, streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences. Our recommendations for informative content addressed user expectations, fostering transparency and trust. Overall, our collaboration empowered the Council to better understand and meet the diverse needs of their constituents, resulting in increased accessibility, usability, and user satisfaction across their digital platforms. 

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