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Booking.com: Vision realigned

In the aftermath of a merger and with a renewed leadership at the helm, Booking.com was poised at the cusp of a transformative phase. Our endeavour was to orchestrate an internal event that would anchor colleagues to the renewed vision and fortify team camaraderie.

The strategy

The merger had initiated a new chapter for Booking.com, accompanied by an altered vision and shifts in the Leadership Team. This evoked feelings of uncertainty among the Manchester colleagues. They grappled with the changes and yearned for clarity on the business's direction. Our mandate was clear: curate an engaging experience that not only elucidated the business objectives but also introduced the refreshed leadership and their aspirations.


The solution

Adopting a hands-on approach, we embarked on a two-week, non-travelling roadshow helmed by the Leadership Team. Our aim was to foster a holistic understanding among all colleagues, especially regarding the revised business strategy post-merger. Through a meticulously designed experience, we prioritised colleague engagement, ensuring that the strategic objectives were not just communicated, but also internalised.

The impact

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 98% of attendees acknowledging their enriched understanding post-event. Yet, we believed in extending the dialogue. A broadsheet newspaper was circulated internally, encapsulating event highlights and invaluable feedback from colleagues. This initiative further strengthened the bond between the leadership and the teams, fostering a collaborative environment. Buoyed by the success in Manchester, we were entrusted with replicating this experience for the teams in Barcelona.

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