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Papa John’s: tailoring toppings to tastes, hyperlocally!

From mouth-watering pepperoni to delightful vegetarian toppings, pizza has always been about catering to varied tastes. For Papa John’s, this principle extended beyond just the menu. They recognized the need to adapt their brand message to the diverse tastes of their target audience – the discerning 18-35 age group, scattered around their various franchises.

The strategy

Papa John’s wanted to bolster sales by amplifying their brand presence in a way that would resonate with the younger audience. Traditional advertising wasn't cutting it. How could they craft a message that felt local, personal, and appealing to each individual franchise community?

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The solution

A slice of hyperlocality was our answer. Diving into a detailed diagnostic phase, we unearthed a goldmine – the potential of hyperlocal content on Facebook. No previous benchmarks existed, so we embarked on a 3-month pilot. Using a mix of paid and organic content, we discovered the magic of video posts and polls, which skyrocketed engagement levels. This success paved the way for Phase Two, a refined strategy spotlighting even more targeted posts.

The impact

A sizzling success! Papa John’s saw a surge in followers across all their local store pages. And while the main brand page was a powerhouse, the real success lay in the local content, resonating with the target audience. The hyperlocal approach not only fortified the brand's regional social footprint but also set the stage for future growth and evolution in their engagement strategy.

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