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It’s been a while…

Quod is a dynamic independent planning and development consultancy with expertise in mainstream planning advice, socio-economic issues, environmental assessments, infrastructure, and development economics. We have been a working partner with Quod since 2010.


The strategy

Quod commissioned us to craft an event name and identity, along with designing a website and Mailchimp invitation. Originally scheduled for April 27th at the Natural History Museum, the client party aimed to revive dwindling attendance and enhance client engagement. Despite uncertainties due to COVID-19 and economic challenges, Quod decided to proceed, seeing it as an opportunity to bring joy to clients. In the past, their annual parties were industry highlights, but recent years saw declining attendance. We assisted in personalising invitations for key clients, enhancing communication via direct email and Mailchimp. Our tasks included designing a party theme, creating the event website, and integrating iCalendar for Mailchimp distribution and website hosting.


The solution

Our solution for Quod's upcoming client party involved a comprehensive plan to rejuvenate its traditional annual event. The strategy included direct, personalised outreach to key clients, supplemented by Mailchimp invitations. We designed a captivating theme for the event, held at the Natural History Museum, and created a dedicated website with RSVP functionality, an iCalendar download, and FAQ sheet download. All of this ensured seamless integration with digital invitations and allowed users to revisit for relevant data if needed. The website featured an event overview, an RSVP form, and iCalendar download, designed to enhance user experience and streamline the attendance process. Our plan emphasised timely approvals and close coordination with Quod, focusing on delivering a memorable event that reinforces Quod's brand prestige and deepens client relationships.

The impact

A HUGE attendance response, over 390 in less than 24 hours with an overwhelming number of confirmed attendees. By the end of the campaign they surpassed capacity of the venue and held the highest attended Quod client party. Excellent feedback from key stakeholders and a successful campaign.

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