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Save the Children International is a global entity, dedicated to improving the lives of children across 118 countries. An entity of this size has a lot of staff, a lot of resources, and the project recognised a crucial need to provide its wider workforce with a more streamlined way of finding relevant information.


The strategy

The organisation wanted to empower its workforce with the necessary tools and training to confidently incorporate and expand digital solutions within their programs. All of the information already existed, but it was within SharePoint and the tagging and filing system was a cumbersome, arduous experience for users.  

Following a consultation with 100 stakeholders, it was identified that the area for greatest opportunity for better embedding digital programming into operations was the creation of a step-by-step digital programming guide. This would be in the form of a proposal generator, which would help them make an informed decision of whether their solution had a need for digital programming. 


The solution

In response we embarked on the development of a Digital Programming Guide (DPG), informed by comprehensive UX research that highlighted the diverse digital literacy levels and use cases across five global regions. The strategy involved repurposing existing assets and insights to create an interactive, user-friendly prototype of the DPG, which would undergo user testing and refinement. After comprehensive wireframe testing, we created UI designs for key screens, incorporating brand guidelines, accessibility and usability throughout.  

Upon sign off of the designs, we moved into developing the website itself. Chosen for its robust content management capabilities, excellent security and flexible architecture, Drupal 10 was the obvious solution. The build also had us integrate with Save The Children’s existing Single Sign On Solution, and creating comprehensive taxonomy vocabularies to be used for tagging and organising content. We built the proposal generator utilising custom user roles and permissions to allow varied access levels, from viewing published content to full content management and proposal plan generation. We Implemented the intuitive UI designs and ensured compliance with WCGA 2.1 AA standards for accessibility.  

The impact

The end result was a fully functional ‘Digi-Guide’ deployed on the Drupal 10 platform, meeting the full requirements from the brief. The achievement marks a milestone in enhancing Save The Children’s digital integration capabilities, and will provide a comprehensive tool that empowers teams worldwide with the resources, training and guidance needed to implement digital solutions more efficiently and effectively. By adhering to the needs of the team, incorporating rigorous user experience research and leveraging the latest web development standards we have delivered a solution that not only meets the current needs of Save the Children, but also scales for future growth and functionality

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