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Sontai: brand implementation and improved user experience across website and app

Data can make a big impact and most businesses don't look after their data. Sontai is a platform that brings enterprise-level data analytics capabilities to SMEs, enabling them to compete using data. It consolidates SMEs' data into a unified business intelligence platform, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions for growth.


The strategy

Logic+Magic were tasked with creating a new brand for Sontai, along with a matching design pattern library that would be rolled out across both the existing website and dashboard app. In conjunction with the rebranding efforts, we meticulously analysed the essential user flows for both the website and dashboard to enhance the overall user experience.


The solution: discovery

A series of discovery workshops were held with Sontai to gain insights into business needs and goals . These workshops aimed to understand the unique requirements and challenges faced. During the workshops a number of interactive discussions and exercises were used to uncover pain points, goals, and opportunities. Participants shared their experiences, challenges, and aspirations helping to identify areas for website and dashboard improvement.

These considerations encompassed key commercial aspects such as revenue generation, growth support, value proposition enhancement, key differentiators and the identification of Sontai's target customers, their requirements, and critical conversion strategies.


The competition all provide a solution that will provide dashboards, some will even provide templates, but when people want to have something customised they have to know how to do it themselves. As I see it, we are different to them by building and maintaining all of the data connections and metrics ourselves, therefore eliminating the need for an end user to worry about any of that.

Chris Farr Sontai Founder


The solution: rebrand

The existing brand identity lacked strength. Our aim was to create a cohesive visual language rooted in the brand's proposition. As part of this, we refined the logo into a distinct brand mark to bolster identity, enhance visibility, and boost brand recall. Our creative team initiated research, drawing inspiration from top-performing brands.

The brand values of Accessibility, Efficiency, and Growth were meticulously defined and seamlessly translated into a brand aesthetic that embodies Simplicity, Cleanliness, and Dynamism. The colour palette was invigorated with more lively and attractive hues. The dominant white and dark blue laid a fresh foundation for our vibrant accent colours. Gradients infused energy and dynamism, resulting in a lively feel. The palette was bold yet elegant, with gradients yielding a full spectrum for illustrations and icons.

Inspired by connection and growth, the new logo adopted a softer, flowing graphic with a harmonious, uninterrupted movement. The abstract form echoed the curves of an 'S', with varying line weight guiding the eye around the shape. This comprehensive rebrand transformed the brand's visual identity, making it more vibrant, dynamic, and representative of the brand's core values ultimately setting the foundation for better brand recognition and a more impactful market presence.


The solution: UX research

To enhance the user experience for Sontai, comprehensive UX research was conducted. This included an expert review of Sontai’s own website and dashboard layout, competitor analysis, user journey mapping, and conversion routing. The competitor analysis examined the features, functionality, and design of competing websites and dashboards to identify industry trends and areas for innovation.

User journey mapping visualised the user's experience within Sontai's own website and dashboard, identifying their goals, motivations, and potential pain points. Conversion routing analysed the user's path to specific conversion goals, highlighting opportunities to optimise conversions.



The solution: UX + design pattern library

After conducting thorough UX research, recommendations were made to simplify the process focusing on top and bottom funnel customer types. This took the form of user journey maps and detailed wireframes showing user flow.

We focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface design library showing examples of how a multitude of components may be used. The UX research guided the development of a website that met user expectations and provided personalised content and streamlined workflows.

Turning to the dashboard, we applied the same principles of UX and UI, we brought a transformative change to the dashboard. Our in-depth UX research was instrumental in pinpointing areas of friction within the navigation and user flow, thereby providing a clear direction for improvements. The revamped UI design boasted a neat and meticulously structured layout, further amplified by aesthetically pleasing data visualisations. By enhancing the navigation, we meticulously honed the interface to promote maximum usability and efficiency.

The impact

Through comprehensive exercises and workshops, crucial insights were gathered about business needs, goals, and challenges. The rebranding process led to a cohesive visual language, clearly reflecting the brand's values of Accessibility, Efficiency, and Growth, and showcased through a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic. An improved logo further strengthened brand identity and recall. Simultaneously, extensive UX research, including competitor analysis and user journey mapping, informed optimisations to the Sontai website and dashboard. The rebrand and user experience enhancements have not only elevated Sontai's market presence but also set the stage for increased brand recognition and business growth. The transformation of Sontai's brand and user experience demonstrates the positive impact of strategic branding and design on business success.

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