Brand identity + strategy

Help your business grow with a brand strategy that cuts through the noise and captures the heart and mind of your customers.

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It’s tougher than ever in the modern landscape for brands in the market today. Customers are looking for brands who understand them, align to their values, stand out from the crowd and make them feel something.

Combining the power of customer insight and strategy with creative flair and innovation, we transform your brand to supercharge growth – leading ultimately to more customers and more sales.

You’ll be clear about who you are and what your brand stands for. Clear values and mission, sit with a defined vision of where your brand is today vs where you want to be (aligned to your business objectives), and a roadmap of how to get there. You’ll understand your brand positioning and how to tell the story of your brand’s offering in the most compelling way to your target customers.

Where required, we’ll also use our design expertise to bring your new brand positioning and strategy to life, evolving your brand creatively. With a clear proposition, the possibilities are endless for your brand to be dynamic, emotive and most importantly memorable. We evolve brands (and create new ones) that will grab your customer’s attention and stand the test of time to become truly iconic in their category.


Working with Logic+Magic

We’re passionate about understanding first your business, and then where your brand is today vs your ambitions. By listening to you and your stakeholders and then working collaboratively on a strategic approach, we ensure that everyone is on the journey with us and aligned to the direction of travel.

By combining insight-driven and strategic expertise to ensure we have the right logic, with creative expertise to bring the magic – we help brands grow. 

Emma Hodgkinson
Strategy & Channel Director
A customer centric strategist, Emma weaves brand, customer and commercial strands together to form growth driving strategies. Strong client side and agency side experience.