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Quod event – 10 years in Leeds

Quod is a dynamic independent planning and development consultancy with expertise in mainstream planning advice, socio-economic issues, environmental assessments, infrastructure, and development economics. We have been a working partner with Quod since 2010. For their 10-year anniversary event in Leeds, Quod required a streamlined and efficient website solution. The site needed to be populated with relevant event data (directions to venue, FAQ’s), offer visitors an effortless RSVP process, and provide an iCal download containing event details.


The strategy

Building on our successful past collaboration with Quod, our approach aimed to maximise existing assets and resources for efficiency. We chose to enhance the London event website, adding new form integration and design while preserving its user-friendly interface. Leveraging positive feedback from prior projects, we streamlined implementation by reusing existing code and functionality. By repurposing and refreshing the website from their previous annual event, we maintained user-friendly features. This strategic approach ensured continuity and efficiency, benefiting from past successes and delivering a tailored solution for Quod's event while minimising development time and resources.


The solution

Building upon our previous successful project with Quod, where we did a similar ask for their annual party and received fantastic feedback, our strategy centred on maximising existing assets and resources for efficiency and effectiveness. We opted to repurpose and enhance the existing website.

The impact

This strategy paid off, as we observed a repeat of the positive results seen in the prior campaign. The feedback on the implemented solution and site was notably positive, reaffirming our ability to adapt successful strategies to new contexts and locations. This led to a huge attendance response. Beyond capacity of the venue for the day, with 410 respondents anticipated to attend the Leeds Quod North party.

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