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Intel: merging the digital and tangible

Intel, renowned for its technological prowess, aimed to bring the essence of its digital-first brand to the tactile realm. This manifested as a festival activation, positioning Intel-powered products right at the fingertips of festival-goers, fusing tech with tangible fun.


The strategy

Intel's ambition was clear: engage the 'back to school' audience in a setting beyond the digital screens, driving them towards the Intel-powered tech available at Argos. The goal? Ignite a surge in purchase intent, all while preserving the essence of fun inherent to festivals.



The solution

We conceptualised a space where technology and relaxation intertwined. Attendees could not only interact with Intel products but also engage with brand representatives. Central to this experience were games, specifically designed to resonate with our target group, ensuring their encounter with Intel was memorable and engaging.

The impact

Our crafted space was a seamless blend of technology and the festival spirit. By placing technology at its core, yet steering clear of an aggressive sales pitch, we fostered genuine interest. Add-ons like free Wi-Fi, mobile charging, and seating augmented the experience. This initiative, bolstered by a strategic online campaign, propelled over 5,000 unique visits to Intel's product pages on Argos during the crucial 'back to school' phase.

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