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The Scottish Children's Lottery


Maximising TV investment

The Scottish Children’s Lottery was launched to raise funds for charities and good causes around Scotland. Their mission is to make a real difference to the lives of children in Scotland.


The strategy

The Scottish Children’s Lottery wanted to relaunch with a new subscription option called ‘Always-In’. With a limited budget and an instant tactical need for a TV commercial, they wanted us to maximise their investment to the full.With a significant amount of airtime booked in 2022 on STV they knew they needed to produce different content to counter ‘ad fatigue’ and to keep the messaging fresh.


The solution

The solution was to find a simple concept that allowed for a production method that could deliver numerous variations of the same ad concept but with alternative content. Using a combination of bold, animated graphics and filmed footage of factors will allow us to swap out graphics and actors to create numerous versions.

Our location shoot was carefully organised to film 10 actors in one day, each acting out every scene in different rooms of a house and wearing a mixture of summer and winter clothes. The filming was also done in a very flexible, fast-moving form to enable swift movement through rooms. We also had another room set-up to take stills.This resulted in approximately 100 different scenes and still shots captured in one day.

The impact

It shows that working to a specific objective, with lateral/creative thinking, plus our combination of in-house creative, production, editing and animation allows us to help clients create hardworking creative assets even with a challenged budget.

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