Search engine marketing

Be found where and when your customers need you with high impact search engine marketing campaigns.

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Search engine marketing experts

From search bar to conversion, our search engine marketing specialists create and deliver bespoke strategies to help your business grow. We kick off by auditing not only your website, but assessing the search landscape within your industry, before creating a search marketing plan dedicated to improving your visibility within search engines results and business growth.

At Logic+Magic, our search marketing team have years of experience in creating bespoke plans to help our clients’ businesses grow. We use a customer first approach to search, focusing on search fundamentals that support not only your visibility on search engines but also on improving your customers’ experience on your website.


Why choose Logic+Magic?

Search Engine Marketing is not a one-size-fits all channel. We approach each project with fresh eyes, eager to learn about your unique business before using that information to put together project plans that align with your business goals and what your customers are looking for online. 

Leanne Dempsey
Head of SEO
With over 10 years of experience in many industries including financial services, retail, travel and non-profit, our Head of SEO Leanne is keen on getting under the bonnet of your website to discover what might be halting growth whilst generating long term plans to grow highly relevant website traffic from organic search.