Development project rescue

Don't leave a development project unfinished, we can help pick up where another team has left off.



Does something on your current web or development project not feel right? Perhaps your current supplier has gone quiet, deadlines have been missed or the output has fallen short of your expectations? It sounds like you need a safe pair of hands to prevent the worst from happening and turn your web project around.

Unfortunately, with the high speed of growth and the immaturity of digital industries, there are multiple companies and individuals without the correct experience setting themselves up as digital experts. This had led to many businesses putting their faith and investments into website development projects with teams who are simply not well enough equipped or experienced to deal with them. If you’ve found yourself in this position, don’t worry as the team at Logic+Magic are here to help.

Project rescue benefits

  • Your project still gets completed, reducing the amount of money and time lost by your business

  • We build your project on open source technology, such as Drupal, to provide you with a degree of protection

  • Our team work with you every step of the way to increase your confidence

  • As part of our thorough audit process, we can identify other areas of growth or improvement such as usability or SEO

Why choose Logic+Magic?

We have taken on countless websites from developers in all state of completion so have a standardised approach to auditing and on-boarding semi-complete or un-finished projects. We understand that there are risks when changing supplier, so we have developed a structured and reliable project rescue process that allows both parties to understand what exists and what needs improvement.

Mike van Rooyen
Software Services Director
Over 20 years delivering client-focused solutions though designing and building high performance, digital platforms across a range of technologies and frameworks.