Website Hosting, Support + Maintenance 

Better website security through proper maintenance
Let our expert team of developers look after your website, so you can focus on running your business

With a combined Hosting, Support + Maintenance plan we will provide a secure and performant system which gives you peace of mind that your website is secure and maintained, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business. Whether a live website or a mobile application, our website hosting, support, and maintenance service includes:

  • Regular security testing

  • Monitoring of performance and errors

  • Regular assessment of privacy and data

  • Assessment of modernity and compatibility

  • Timely patching, which essential to keep your applications stable, performant and secure.  

Benefits of our website hosting and maintenance service 

  • Regular security updates are performed to keep the system up-to-date and secure 

  • Detailed maintenance reports showing what has been updated on the system so that you are always aware of the precautions we are taking 

  • Regular security tests and vulnerability scans to assess site security 

  • Dedicated support service so that you can reach us easily to raise requests for new work or to investigate a problem 

  • Maintained hosting services tailored to your tech stack 

  • Full monitoring of your system in real-time giving ongoing visibility of threat detection, performance and uptime/downtime. 

  • We can integrate with your existing hosting solutions using our tooling to automate releases and improve the monitoring and security of your infrastructure 

  • With our hosting platforms, we can configure automated backups of websites to ensure redundancy of hosting systems and for disaster management 

  • As part of support and maintenance, we can make further suggestions for ongoing improvements to your application, based on information within our reports and ongoing reviews of other metrics such as Google PageSpeed Insights or New Relic monitoring

How we can help

Like all software, web applications need patching and configuration changes from time to time as vendors release updates, security patches and as your application changes over time. Ongoing support and maintenance of your Application ensures it remains secure and patched. 

We can also provide scalable hosting with a choice of plans that cover the security and routine maintenance of your application. If you'd rather stay with your existing hosting solution, we can work with it and wrap our support and maintenance services around.