UX masterclass

Sh*t Hot Data; Don't let your web traffic go down the toilet

  • Conor McCann

About this masterclass

We cut through the bull and show you why conducting effective UX research is important, selecting the best methods to understand user needs and how to achieve successful UX outcomes that actually work.


In this masterclass, you will learn:
• What the research landscape really looks like.
• Identifying your genuine user base.
• Viewing the world through an unfiltered lens.
• Grasping the truth: understanding user actions and interactions versus their perceptions and emotions

Date + Time

  • 24th April 2024

  • 14:00

Location + Duration

  • Online

  • 45 - 60 minutes

About the speaker


Conor McCann

Senior UX Designer View linkedin

Conor is an accomplished UX designer with a wealth of experience across various project types, encompassing UX research, wireframe development, and UI design. Highly proficient across all areas of user experience, Conor has executed numerous successful projects and provided comprehensive UX training to a diverse range of clients.

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