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Improving the digital journeys for 48’s customers

The world is awash with products which claim to be different - to be better, cheaper, smarter, faster than the others. But 48 is truly unique in Ireland. 48 is Ireland’s first online only mobile operator, targeting the 18 to 22–year–old market. The entire life–cycle of a 48 customer takes place online – from ordering and activating SIM cards and moving existing numbers to 48, to top-ups, account management and customer care. 48’s hyper-competitive product was a great success. They asked the Logic+Magic UX team to help them with several tasks including improving the digital journeys for handsets, My48, and their kickback programme.


The strategy

Facing challenges with their online experience, 48 enlisted Logic+Magic's UX team expertise to enhance digital journeys for handsets, My48, and their kickback program. Recognising the website's complexity and the crucial role of online interactions for an online-only brand, we prioritised user engagement. 

Our team implemented a comprehensive strategy involving analytics, interviews, usability tests, and workshops to refine the sign-up process, particularly for the target demographic of 18 to 22-year-olds who preferred smartphone interactions. By reviewing analytics, addressing pain points, and creating detailed personas and journey plans, the Logic+Magic team successfully aligned business and customer goals, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience across both mobile and desktop platforms.


The solution

The Logic+Magic UX team transformed the website by streamlining navigation, creating engaging home page content, and ensuring optimal design across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. The result is a visually appealing, user-centric site that aligns with modern standards, enhancing overall digital presence and accessibility.


The impact

The comprehensive approach not only enhanced the overall user experience but also guaranteed seamless accessibility and engagement across diverse devices, aligning with modern digital expectations. Conversion was above the levels enjoyed with the previous hyper competitive product.

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