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Now more than ever clients are looking for new ways to reach audiences and maximise sales. Whether it’s focussing on new channels or adapting their services to meet rapidly evolving trends, there’s one thing that every client wants–to stand out from the crowd.

The strategy

With a proven track record of producing creative campaigns that deliver impressive results, we know just how to cut through the noise and elevate your product or service. That’s why Rockface came to us to help their brand stand out from the crowd.


The solution

Rockface needed a different positioning to their numerous, big-spending rivals. The TV ad we created for them features a variety of real men, as opposed to famous footballers or models with unrealistic levels of perfection, to drive this message. The script touched upon various emotions and characters–recognising that everyone is different and feels differently on a daily basis. This really captured the imagination of supermarket buyers and has led to an immediate and dramatic lift in sales.

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The campaign is helping to build big increases in awareness and sales

Neil Wilkinson Rockface

The impact

By thinking differently with the creative, we were able to differentiate the brand and product for maximum impact and increase sales across all core platforms.

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