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Milton have been protecting babies with their sterilising products for over 70 years. Back in 2016 we produced a 30 second TV commercial (TVC) that showed the range of Milton products. This was built around the insight that babies often put objects in the mouths in their process of discovering textures and tastes.

The challenge

In 2021, in reaction to the on-going COVID19 pandemic, Milton launched a new child-safe hand sterilising foam. They asked us to consider the most cost-effective way to advertise the new product on TV, knowing that a 30 second ad all about the new product would be cost prohibitive.

The Solution

Amending the 30 second TVC wasn’t an option because all the products featured were still relevant. So the solution was to create a 10 second TVC that could run by itself in cost effective 10 second TV slots or be adapted to add onto the end of the existing 30 second version as a “now introducing new...” update to the range.

The new, shorter, TVC was filmed to match the look of the existing ad but used a different Voice Over artist to make the shorter version stand out when used at the end of the 30 second ad.

The impact

Production costs were reduced by finding two children and their real mum and filming in their home. This meant that the children were relaxed and happy and gave great performances. All that was left to do, using some editing tricks, was to add the new hand steriliser bottle the range shot that we’d originally filmed 5 years before.

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