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UX planning and design for app and eshop

Creating a world class transactional customer experience based on design thinking principles ensuring we don’t only build the product right but we build the right product.


The strategy

Sim Local is the global leader in travel SIM card and eSIM retail.

The business caters to global travellers so they can stay connected and avoid expensive roaming charges.
Back in 2020 the business sold SIM cards and eSIM profiles direct to customers mainly through airport retail store and kiosks. They asked the Logic+Magic team to help them plan user journeys for their mobile app and eShop.



The solution: discovery

To design a rich profitable experience for potential customers, we needed to understand their needs right across their customer journey lifecycle. Our core focus was on better understanding users, the marketplace, competitors, and Sim Local’s differentiators, we did this through:

  • Stakeholder workshops

  • Market analysis

  • Competitor reviews

  • Expert reviews

  • Analytics review

  • Usability testing

The solution: UX research

Key themes from research that influenced design outputs:

  • eSim activation was a conversion blocker

  • MEA customers were more willing to try new tech and spend more on travel

  • Users are well accustomed to excellent experiences within the travel industry and expect the purchase and set up of an eSim to be easy

  • The requirement to educate users on eSim’s as only 20% were familiar with the tech

“[Searching for countries] – Personally it makes more sense to have these listed in alphabetical order. At least then I know where to find the country I am looking for.”

ROI non-customer

“[Is your phone unlocked prompt] This needs to be far earlier in the flow, at this point after spending all that time looking for the plans I would be really annoyed.”

ROI non-customer


The impact

The impact of our work transformed Sim Local’s approach to product development and marketing. As a result, they have cemented their position as a premier provider of connectivity solutions in physical spaces and have successfully expanded their reach to digital realms through the launch of their app and webstore, thereby establishing a strong global presence.

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