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American Golf: Swing Back to the Greens

In a world healing from the impacts of a global lockdown, golfers everywhere yearned to return to their beloved sport. Joining hands with American Golf, we endeavored to revive their spirits, signaling a hearty "We're back!" to the community.

The Strategy

Creating a poignant TV commercial in the midst of a pandemic was no mean feat. The aim was to resonate with the golfing community, acknowledging the time they lost on the course and ensuring them that American Golf shared their sentiments and stood by them.

The Solution

Our creative approach was grounded in authenticity. The idea was to craft an advertisement that not only informed about the reopening of American Golf stores but also resonated deeply with 'the real golfer'. Harnessing valuable customer insights, the narrative was built around characters that mirrored the emotions and experiences of the golfing community during the lockdown.

The impact

The outcome surpassed our expectations. The commercial didn’t just increase foot traffic in the stores, it became a shared sentiment within the golfing community. Its virality on social platforms, with golfers sharing it enthusiastically, was a testament to its resonance. The excitement to get back on the course was palpable, and American Golf stood at the forefront of this renewed passion.

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