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Ashton & Parsons: generations of gentle soothing

Ashton & Parsons have been champions of tender care for over a century and a half, crafting a traditional herbal teething remedy that's become a staple for countless families. Yet, after a hiatus in production, the brand faced the challenge of reintroducing itself to a new generation of caregivers under the wings of Alliance Pharmaceuticals.


The strategy

A product with an iconic past, Ashton & Parsons' teething remedy was familiar to those parents who remembered it. But as new parents emerged in the market, the brand was faced with the challenge of making its presence known and reestablishing its legacy. The goal was clear: acquaint a fresh wave of parents with the comforting touch of Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders.


The solution

Recognising the universal challenges of teething – not only the distress it causes babies but also the emotional toll it takes on parents – our re-launch campaign aimed to touch upon this shared experience. With a strategic mix of digital, print, and TV promotions, we focused on the message that Ashton & Parsons isn’t just about soothing a child, but also about offering reassurance to parents. The product was positioned as the go-to remedy when all else fails, a trusted ally passed down through generations.


The impact

The revitalisation efforts bore fruit as Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders ascended to the pinnacle of the teething market in terms of value. The brand's growth during the campaign period was evident, and it reestablished its reputation as a trusted partner in teething, carrying forward its rich heritage and the unwavering trust of parents.

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