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Churchill's summer spectacle: ice creams, sunshine, and memories

As the UK's temperatures soared, Churchill sought to sprinkle a bit more sunshine into the days of families. Their aspiration? Make waves in the season with a memorable summer roadshow that would echo 'Ooohhh yes to summer!' for everyone involved.

The strategy

Faced with the challenge to captivate families during a specific timeframe, our goal was to craft an unforgettable summer roadshow that would leave a lasting impression and enhance brand engagement.

Child eating an ice cream.

The solution

Launching a branded ice-cream van was just the tip of the iceberg. We embarked on a journey to four prime seaside spots across the UK, serving delightful scoops and branded treats. Our mascot, Churchie, became the heart of our portable branded universe, drawing families into our sun-soaked world. To amplify our presence, we engaged with our online community, encouraging them to dictate our pit-stops, while also promoting our staple stops. Simultaneously, our enticing competition promised a year-long insurance cover, painting all our efforts with a consistent summer theme.

The impact

The resonance was unmistakable. We basked in the glory of over 1,000 organic brand mentions across the digital realm. More than just numbers, we achieved Churchill's vision: crafting and delivering delightful brand experiences for families nationwide.

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