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Dr Martens' sustainable stride: a leap towards a greener tomorrow

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a crucial pivot, we joined hands with Dr Martens, aiding them in carving their next sustainable steps.

Someone lacing their Dr Martens boots.

The strategy

As sustainability concerns amplify globally, brands are compelled to integrate these principles into their business ethos. Dr Martens, a leader in many aspects, felt the urge to communicate their sustainable initiatives encapsulated in their new Sustainability report.

Illustration of a sustainability with Dr Martens shoe in the middle.
Illustration with a hand holding a scale. With an earth on one side and a pair of Dr Martens on the other.

The solution

Drawing from the core tenets of the Sustainability report, we crafted a succinct yet evocative animation. This creation was primed for unveiling at a town hall gathering, post which it adorned their LinkedIn profile. It wasn’t just an animation; it was the essence of Dr Martens' commitment to sustainability, shedding light on pivotal environmental facets.

The impact

The digital waves this animation made were palpable, clocking over 3,500 views on LinkedIn. Internally, the launch was more than just a revelation; it galvanized the team, igniting enthusiasm and a resolute spirit to contribute construct

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