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Driving Forward:​ Haynes & Logic+Magic’s Digital Roadmap

Over more than eight years, from printed pages to digital platforms, our enduring partnership with Haynes helped transform their consumer offerings, expanding from traditional sales to a versatile B2C and B2B2C digital landscape.​

The Strategy

Haynes was confronted with the complex challenges of navigating legacy monolithic​ codebases - in a number of programming languages and frameworks and spread across a range of deployments - that weren't tailored for commerce, managing legacy products, and wrangling intricate global metadata and third-party integrations. Their ambition was to rapidly evolve their content offering and create new B2C and B2B2C digital products and subscriptions. Our role was to collaboratively define, design, and construct these, striking a balance between the maintenance of existing platforms and creating entirely new software using modern development, maintenance, and testing techniques.​

The Solution:

Transitioning the platform to a range of more modular components allowed a multi-stream product roadmap to be developed that was able to respond with agility to changing business priorities as well as enabling legacy and novel platforms to co-exist.​

Our ability to maintain the legacy systems effectively, the new modular approach, the creation of new digital access products, and the creation of marketplace integrations and B2B2C APIs had many advantages. Not only did it allow Haynes to minimise monolithic in-house code creation, but also maximised the ability to respond to commercial opportunities with platforms and partners around the world.​

The impact

For Haynes, we aren't just technical experts; we're trusted partners committed to delivering long-term value and doing the right thing. We’ve worked as an extension of their teams, whether that be developing software, assisting with customer service, writing documentation, training, or creating visual designs and technical specifications for a new product idea. We set out on the partnership with agreed shared goals and objectives that have helped steer the long-term relationship and have delivered long-term value.​

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