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B&M: A Grand Festive Soiree

When the holiday season looms, B&M, the retail powerhouse, doesn't just brace itself — it throws a party! An annual Christmas event that's as much about business as it is about merriment. With a motive to galvanize over 800 store teams and provide them a glimpse of the festive bestsellers, it's an extravaganza that sets the tone for the busiest season.

The strategy

The challenge lay in creating an event that was not just another Christmas gathering but a transformative experience. A space that inspired, enthralled, and equipped over 800 attendees with the knowledge and enthusiasm to maximize the holiday season’s potential.


The solution

Embracing the theme ‘Go Big on Christmas’, our strategy was dual-fold. On one hand, it served as a clarion call, encouraging store teams to amplify sales, products, and customer service. On the other, it dictated our aesthetic choices, transforming a nondescript venue into a festive wonderland. It wasn’t just about aesthetics; the theme was intertwined with the business’s core messages, making it resonant and impactful.

The impact

The results were phenomenal. The feedback from delegates was a testament to the event's success, painting a picture of euphoria and determination. And the numbers didn’t lie either. When Christmas rolled around, it was evident that the B&M teams had indeed gone big — registering a staggering 12.1% surge in like-for-like sales.

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