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Haynes: Drupal commerce development​

Haynes Manuals are an internationally recognised brand and have expanded from traditional print media into the digital space.​ Our partnership with Haynes began in 2015 when Logic+Magic were asked to support their Drupal 7 website. Originally created using community contributed modules, selling both physical and digital products we quickly began to provide development expertise and business consultancy to this global brand.​


The strategy

With channels in the UK, US and Australia, the website interfaces with multiple fulfilment partners, follows different financial processes and implements localised business logic.​

Logic+Magic needed to maintain this mission critical application by providing ongoing support services as well as building on the platform by developing a wide range of new features and rigorous testing.​

The solution

Over the last 8 years, Logic+Magic have supported Haynes in the growth of their online business and responding to their changing needs. By applying Agile methodologies, the dev team have been able to iteratively extend Drupal Commerce to become the centrepiece for improvements in customer engagement, reporting, and product delivery within their organisation.​

Haynes stakeholders, along with experts from Logic+Magic’s design, UX and development teams have collaboratively streamlined processes to optimise the experiences of the customer and site administrators.​


The customer buying journey has been tweaked​ and validated to increase conversions, utilising Drupal Commerce's checkout stages and customised signposting making it easier than ever for customers to buy.​

With complexities around taxation, address formats and other localization challenges, Logic+Magic have implemented both community and custom integrations of third-party services. Focusing on customer experience and their buying journey we leverage API based tax services and address look-up tools for accurate billing, data quality and customer convenience.​

Over time, as new types of products were added to the Haynes catalogue, we’ve designed the system to make sure that they were incorporated consistently into the existing customer flow. These included sales of video content, print-on-demand products, and watermarked online versions of the classic hard-cover manuals.​

Additionally, the worldwide supply of products has necessitated sending completed checkout orders to multiple fulfilment providers, each with their own processes for stock management and customer shipping updates. We have expanded these fulfilment processes to handle third-party orders from partners like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.​

As with all online retailers, Haynes are vulnerable to fraud and the possibility of credit card chargebacks. To protect them, Logic+Magic implemented fraud protection protocols that flag and if necessary, automatically prevent malicious user transactions. This approach involved both custom monitoring code and configuration of the payment gateway.​

By being integrated into Haynes’ working practices we’ve been able to provide custom reporting and access to vast amounts of data for their own financial teams and business analysts. As a technology partner we offer much more than developer resources and have been able to guide and advise Haynes through the digital landscape.


The impact

The services Logic+Magic have created through Haynes’ growth, extends beyond the e-commerce platform, and now provides key infrastructure to their organisation.​

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