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Helping the PSNI to become leaders in digital strategy

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) wanted to have the leading digital strategy out of any police service in the UK and Ireland. Their new multi-award-winning website, designed by the Logic+Magic UX team, helped make that vision a reality. 


The strategy

The Logic+Magic UX team, partnering with PSNI's brand and development teams, collaborated on a project aimed at transforming PSNI's website into a hub for improved communication and engagement with the public. Tasked with leading the design strategy, the Logic+Magic UX team, conducted extensive research to ensure that the website met the real needs of users. The overarching goal was to create a citizen-centric platform that provided enhanced digital services, including crime reporting, while making policing more accessible to all communities. The team also focused on refreshing and enhancing the content to offer valuable information to citizens, aligning with PSNI's vision of building a safe, confident, and peaceful Northern Ireland. Through this collaborative effort, the Logic+Magic UX team played a pivotal role in translating PSNI's vision into an accessible and user-centered online experience, fostering greater engagement and trust with the public.


The solution

Logic+Magic's solution for PSNI focused on comprehensive research and collaborative strategies. They conducted desk research, analysed the existing website's performance, and engaged in primary research through online surveys and onsite visits. By creating personas and mapping user journeys, they ensured the new website met diverse user needs. Implementing card sorts and user testing, they refined information architecture and content language. With a meticulous approach to content creation and visual design, they optimised the user experience.


It [the site] already has met or exceeded all of its identified KPIs. Logic+Magic’s role in helping us to fully understand customer and user needs, and working alongside our various partners was central in achieving this.


The impact

The impact of our work for PSNI was transformative. The approach emphasised flexibility and collaboration, evident in weekly meetings with PSNI and external agencies to discuss insights and align on design recommendations. Through extensive research, including desk audits, online surveys, and on-site analyses, we gained deep user insights and crafted personas, informing a user-centric website redesign. Our meticulous attention to detail, from card sorting to content creation workshops, ensured clarity and accessibility. Visual design iterations, guided by user testing, resulted in a highly usable interface. The results were outstanding: a 645% increase in online reporting, a 466% surge in daily sessions, and prestigious industry awards, affirming the success of our innovative and user-centered design approach.


Increase in online reporting from 37 per month to 239 per month


Increase in average daily sessions from 1200 to 5600


Page views in one year

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