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Ion8: taking off on TV

In an age where digital advertising dominates, TV advertising remains a resilient and potent force for brand growth. Yet, the constraints of the pandemic posed a unique challenge: how does one execute a compelling TV advertisement in such trying times?

The strategy

With the environmental impact of single-use plastics becoming increasingly evident, Ion8 ventured to provide a sustainable solution by creating a stylish refillable drink bottle that's both functional and trendy. The task at hand was to introduce this product range amidst a global pandemic, ensuring the message resonated with the intended audience.

The solution

Transitioning to the digital age, the focus shifted to connected TV, enabling precise targeting across various viewing modes, from on-demand to live streaming. The creative concept, "WHEN LIFE JUST CLICKS", was a masterstroke that not only highlighted the product's features but also seamlessly integrated the very essence of Ion8 bottles into the music score. Various sounds produced by the bottles, such as tapping and clicking, were ingeniously utilized to compose the entire soundtrack, creating an immersive experience.

The impact

The campaign's execution was swift and efficient, culminating in a polished advertisement in a mere five weeks. From ideation to the final dispatch, every aspect, including casting and post-production, was meticulously overseen. The entire process adhered to strict Covid-19 guidelines, ensuring safety without compromising on quality, ultimately delivering a campaign that resonated deeply with the target audience.

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