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MacuShield: more than just a mouthful

Healthy vision is a priceless gift. Enter MacuShield, a nutritional supplement from Alliance Pharmaceuticals that’s a beacon of hope for many. With three potent carotenoids, it's on a mission to support the robust functioning of the macular pigment, the heart of our visual clarity.


The strategy

In a market overflowing with health supplements and their lofty promises, how could MacuShield rise above the noise and assert its uniqueness? Especially when its primary ingredient, Meso-Zeaxanthin, is as challenging to market as it is to pronounce.



The solution

Instead of shying away from the complexity of the ingredient name, we leaned into it. Recognising the tongue-twister nature of "Meso-Zeaxanthin", we anchored our marketing strategy around it. We transformed what could be seen as a limitation into a unique selling point, making it a centerpiece of our campaign.

The impact

The result was a memorable campaign that stood out in a saturated market. By embracing the complexity of the MacuShield ingredient and turning it into a fun challenge, we created buzz and engagement around the brand, making it a name that customers would not only try to pronounce but also remember.

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