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Linguamatics: website rebuild

Linguamatics provides industry leading AI and translation solutions to the healthcare and life science industries. They are a client we have a long running relationship with, having built and supported a Drupal website for them since 2014. Over that time, the website has had numerous design updates and refinements, plus a complete migration from Drupal to Drupal 8.


The strategy

The Linguamatics team came to us in 2023 with an ask to re-build their website to align with their rebrand and service expansion into medical AI translations.  

This was the ideal opportunity for the website to be updated to Drupal 10. The decision was taken to build from fresh rather than upgrade on this occasion with a large restructure of content hierarchy and an entire rebranding. 


The solution

Our development strategy heavily relied on Drupal’s versatility, particularly harnessing the paragraphs module for creating content region templates. This framework allowed us to balance flexibility with structure, ensuring content coherence throughout the site. We meticulously configured the administration permissions, enabling content-focused edits while preserving configuration integrity through version control. Content editors were empowered with comprehensive SEO control, customising metadata and page elements to enhance search visibility. Our dedicated SEO team diligently managed the redirection of old URLs, safeguarding the site’s search rankings during transitions.In response to the client’s emphasis on impactful design, we explored various options and settled on integrating vector animations. Leveraging LottieFiles, our in-house video team crafted dynamic animations, seamlessly embedding them into the site without compromising performance. This strategic integration infused the website with captivating visual elements, elevating user engagement while preserving optimal functionality and speed.

The impact

In the first two months following the launch of the new website, user engagement had increased dramatically; with an engagement percentage of 86%, and the number of pages each user was viewing increasing by 200%


More pages viewed


More user engagement on pages

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