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The Uni Guide


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The Uni Guide: illuminating educational pathways

Bagging the title of the Best Digital Information Product at the PPA Digital Awards, our journey with The Uni Guide is one we wear with pride.

The strategy

The Student Room's acquisition of The University Guide from Which? presented us with a monumental task: orchestrating the migration of an expansive site, infusing it with a fresh brand identity, and ensuring its continued evolution and support. The true challenge lay in the vast reservoirs of data, spanning diverse academic timelines, varied data formats, and an exhaustive spectrum of academic insights.

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A screenshot from the Uni Guide website.

The solution

In the face of technological complexity, our team collaborated intensively with the client. With unwavering commitment, we streamlined multitudinous data sets, encompassing everything from courses, postgraduate outcomes, to student life essentials. We successfully transformed a potential labyrinth of information into an intuitive, user-friendly digital platform. The crowning moment was when our efforts were recognised at the PPA Awards, where The University Guide was hailed as the Best Digital Information Product.

The impact

The revamped website is not just an award magnet. It's an indispensable guide that has steered countless students, offering them clarity and direction as they navigate crucial educational decisions

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