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Wash & Go


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Relaunching a traditional brand

The heritage brand Wash & Go wanted a relaunch with a limited budget.

Wash & Go World Cup Crowd on big screen.

The strategy

We wanted to capitalise on 2022 being a World Cup year and further build on our previous campaigns. During the World Cup we knew that football fan parks would be busy, and beers would be thrown during goal celebrations. What better product than Wash & Go to clean your hair of that sticky mess?

The solution

Having already worked successfully with Mark Goldbridge (one of the World’s most popular football related YouTube stars) we decided he was the right person to lead our campaign.

We created a 16 minute advert, in the shape of a ‘docucomedy’, starring Mark which launched on his social channels in the run up to the World Cup. The story followed Mark (as himself) having a ‘genius’ idea to promote Wash & Go by highlighting how it is much-needed after the fan park‘ beer cheers.’ The fly-on-the-wall style film followed the process from Mark’s initial pitch to Wash & Go, the filming of the ad and the big campaign reveal.

2 men with camera.

The impact

No other football YouTube influencer had done this before, but the risk paid-off as the whole campaign, including the 16 minute Wash & Go advert, was viewed 5 million times and received an incredibly positive reaction from Mark’s fans.

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