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Which?: Crafting Digital Synergy

Since 2012, our alliance with Which? has been marked by innovation and evolution. Hand in hand, we've ushered in a new digital era, co-creating novel products and rejuvenating their application suite.

The strategy

Our partnership with Which? demanded synchronisation with diverse internal teams, leveraging vast data reservoirs, and navigating the challenges of swift, agile product delivery. Central to this was the development and maintenance of the "Join" platform, envisaged as the nexus for all online user interactions, from sign-ups to self-management.

A laptop sitting on a desk with the Which? website on it.

The solution

Grappling with the intricate data ecosystem of Which?, our squad undertook the colossal task of data management, spanning a plethora of academic insights, despite the varied data formats. Unyielding in our endeavor, the outstanding results we achieved resonated at the esteemed national PPA Awards, acknowledging our proficiency in digital innovation.

The impact

Our integrative prowess took the limelight with the "Join" platform, harmoniously linking various Which? platforms. The essence of this was a unified identity management system, amalgamating features like single-sign-on with self-service account management. This has laid the foundation for a comprehensive user interaction platform, adaptable across all Which? products, fortifying user engagement and streamlining account functionalities

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