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Improving website customisation

We've worked with Central YMCA since 2015, hosting and maintaining multiple Drupal websites for them. As the deadline approached for Drupal 7's end of life, we discussed an opportunity with them to switch CMS and integrate with a new CRM This was the perfect opportunity to design and develop three new sites to maximise lead generation, improve brand awareness and user experience. The project also involved merging the YMCA Club and YMCA Central sites into one website. Being a nonprofit, YMCA wanted their new websites to save costs long-term and reduce agency reliance.


The strategy

Due to each new website having a different target audience and purpose, the core goals for each differed:  

YMCA Central - To improve conversion rates and increase lead generation, aiming to maximise revenue and attract fundraisers and corporate sponsors. Additionally, to serve as a showcase for the organisation's current objectives and strategy, communicating its mission and fostering connections with stakeholders.

YMCA Fit – To improve lead generation, callbacks, and conversions while laying the groundwork for future e-commerce needs. To establish a foundation for seamless digital marketing integrations and re-establishing industry expertise.

YMCA Awards –  To transparently portray business goals while attracting qualified candidates and fostering donations from fundraisers. To serve as a platform to showcase opportunities and align with strategic objectives, engaging potential hires and inspiring ongoing support for the cause.


The solution

Discovery Phase – Using Workshops and knowledge sharing we established the project vision and True North. Conducting user research and a full GA review, we also ran usability testing with prospect customers.

Design – Moving into design we generated three unique IA’s, followed by wireframes for each site and then full UI designs. Through an iterative design process, we matched the user needs with client expectations.

Development – The website was developed with a SEO & lead-gen foundation mixed with a front-end build implemented using Wordpress. We built three fully customisable websites with Wordpress as a base content management system (CMS). Using a simple but powerful rows and columns method we gave unparalleled customisation options that will allow YMCA to create anything they can imagine on the site without requiring developer support.

Launch – Facilitating a full content migration and getting all websites online on a new and scaleable hosting solution.

The impact

This project delivered three fully customisable websites, enabling the client to have complete control over the content, design and direction of each site. Additionally, in early 2023, we successfully integrated a new D365 CRM with YMCAfit. Enhancing their operational efficiency. This system allows YMCAfit to centralise their course management process, significantly streamlining live course updates to the website, and enhancing their lead generation capabilities. As a result, users benefit from access to the most up-to-date course information, and a simplified experience in finding course access and support.

For YMCA Awards, one of the main challenges was the cumbersome management of numerous YMCA Awards centres. This was a huge database that was updated within the Y-connect system then manually updated on the existing website. To address this, we developed a custom importer system. This means the YMCA Awards team can avoid repetitive and arduous content entry across multiple platforms, streamlining the workflow and efficiency, and that users and learners can always be guaranteed their centre data is current.

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