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London Business Forum: a digital transformation

For two decades, London Business Forum (LBF) has been at the forefront, offering unparalleled live learning experiences from the world's leading thinkers. In a bold move, 2021 saw them transition entirely to virtual, giving audiences a global passport to knowledge. This shift signalled a major overhaul, with us playing a pivotal role in the metamorphosis of londonbusinessforum.com.


The strategy

Crafting a dynamic digital platform for LBF was no small task. The challenge? Mirroring LBF’s esteemed brand in the digital realm, making vast online content accessible, and innovating for their new business model. Not to mention, the behind-the-scenes efficiencies for managing a site of this magnitude had to be seamless.


The solution

Our collaboration with LBF birthed a website that was more than just functional—it was transformative. We envisioned and executed a rejuvenated interface, intuitive for both seasoned users and newcomers. A novel dashboard, an intuitive booking system, and comprehensive admin controls were key features. Our pièce de résistance? A custom, scalable API system, ensuring that as LBF expands, the website evolves in tandem.

The impact

The digital pivot has been a triumph. User engagement soared, evident from the surge in event bookings in the initial months. Our commitment to LBF remains steadfast, ensuring their team and the community they serve reap maximum benefits from this state-of-the-art platform, now and into the future.

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