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Permanent TSB: Elevating Online Experience

In the cutthroat world of retail banking, the customer's experience is paramount, whether they're interacting with a bank online or offline. Permanent TSB's aspiration was to redefine the digital banking experience, offering the same excellence as their physical branches.

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The Strategy

Supporting 1.1 million customers through their extensive network of 75 high street branches, Permanent TSB had set a high bar in customer service. The challenge was clear: How could they replicate that stellar in-branch experience online? Crafting a website that mirrored the voice and expectations of their diverse customer base and internal stakeholders was paramount.

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The Solution

Our cohesive team plunged into a methodical process. We prioritised user-focused research, state-of-the-art design, rigorous testing, and the deployment of top-tier technology. But more than that, we undertook comprehensive research involving customers, employees, stakeholders, and sector-wide insights. Our mission? Ensure our new design was attuned to every nuance of customer needs, embedding their voice into the very DNA of the site.

The impact

The outcome was a game-changer. Drawing from rich insights about Permanent TSB’s clientele, we sculpted a website that wasn't just user-friendly, but also set a new benchmark in UX for Irish retail banking. This was more than just a website; it was an embodiment of what modern banking should feel like.

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