User Experience

We help businesses evolve and grow by crafting experiences that people love.


Benefits of user experience design:

Superior user and customer experiences help you sell more, improve efficiency and reduce costs. They also enhance your marketplace position, increase customer satisfaction, ward off competitive threat and build your brand.

  • Generate a greater number of warmer, higher–quality leads

  • Increase lifetime value of your customers

  • Improve revenue and profit through higher conversion rates and better average order values

  • Drive efficiency into your paid and organic digital marketing channels

  • Increase software on–boarding conversion and completion rates

  • Improve the affinity and customer loyalty to your brand

  • Convert a higher percentage of your current visitor traffic


It [the site] already has met or exceeded all of its identified KPIs. Logic+Magic’s role in helping us to fully understand customer and user needs, and working alongside our various partners was central in achieving this


Our services

Across all our services we’re dedicated to understanding our clients, their customers, the market in which they operate and other influences to help them grow and thrive in the experience economy.

Melissa Boyle
UX Director
With over a decade in digital agency work, I've served multinational brands, government entities, SMEs, and charities, enhancing their digital presence to boost business growth and enhance user experiences.
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