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We help businesses evolve and grow by crafting experiences that people love to use through universal
and accessible human–centred design.

Driving organisational growth through crafting experiences people love for ambitious brands

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Improve digital customer experience

If you’re driving traffic to digital products but not getting the leads you expect, it might be time to improve your user experience. Improving your user experience is key to generate a greater number of high-quality leads. At Logic+Magic we will work with you to create superior user and customer experiences that are built following intensive customer research can help you to sell more, improve efficiency and reduce costs. They also enhance your marketplace position, increase customer satisfaction, ward off competitors and build your brand.

Superior user and customer experiences help you sell more, improve efficiency and reduce costs

Our clients experience the following benefits

More + warmer leads

Generate a greater number of warmer, higher–quality leads

Increase lifetime value

Of your customers by crafting experiences they love to use time and time again.

Increase revenue and profit

Through higher conversion rates and better average order values.

Andrew McCrea
UX Director

Andrew has over 21 years experience in digital and online performance that spans across e-commerce, marketing, brand, design and product. For over a decade Andrew has grown and led UX teams, sales, projects, operations, and training. In addition, Andrew is a student mentor and facilitator since 2018 for one of the world’s leading UX educational bodies, the UX Design Institute.

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